Risk Management Assessment

Adopted by Committee at meeting of 2nd April 2012 and to be reviewed annually by Committee Member No. 1

Risks to the Club or its Members fall into two major categories: namely the continuation of the Club and the ability to deal with Emergency situations.

The Continuity of the Club.

The continuing success of the club is dependant on having a willing and active committee capable of providing excellent programmes of speakers and social activities to maintain members’ interest and support. This committee must have accurately maintained accounts and minutes.
In addition to the committee members, provision of the audio/visual equipment, sound system, chairs and refreshments by non-committee members are key elements of the overall functioning of the club.

Emergency Situations

Evacuation – The hall’s fire exits are routinely identified to members. The Speaker’s Secretary and Vice-Chairman are detailed to ensure an orderly evacuation; committee members will assist the less able as necessary. All members will marshal on The Green so that the register can be checked if necessary.
Speakers – In the event of a last minute cancellation reserve speakers from within the membership should be identified
Non-arrival of Coach or Guide – Contact by mobile phone with coach driver and guide will be used to avoid difficulties and provide information, similarly contact with venues to confirm arrival is maintained to prepare for arrivals
The Sudden Illness of a Member – If this occurs at a meeting the Chairman will ensure that the emergency services are contacted and/or a family member depending on the circumstances
The Sudden Illness of a Member – If this occurs during an outing the party leader will ensure that the emergency services are contacted and/or a family member depending on the circumstances
Medication – It is recommended that Members should carry details of important medical conditions and current medication to assist in the event of an emergency.
Last minute Change of Plans – If it is necessary to cancel or change the details of an event at short notice a mechanism for contacting affected members by telephone and/or email is in place

Risk Assessment –Trips

Members are reminded that it is their personal responsibility to decide on their level of capability before deciding to participate in any club activities e.g. arranged trips, walks or short breaks. Where events are arranged, brief details of the activities involved will be given to those participating a few days prior to the event.  It is not anticipated that the club’s events will involve any unduly hazardous activity, but there could be occasions, particularly on short breaks, where the type of premises visited could pose some extra risk e.g. staircases in older buildings such as castles.
Again, members should take into account their own capabilities before joining any club trip, walk or short break. In addition, members should wear and/or carry suitable apparel and walking aids to meet all weather and ground conditions.

It would be helpful if members who have mobile phones bring them to facilitate communications, especially in the event of an emergency.

Members would be well advised to arrange their own personal travel insurance when going on one of the club’s short breaks. Where required, this can be arranged by the club on the member’s behalf.


The Club has an insurance with Probus Insurance Plans Ltd which covers its legal liability arising from club activities i.e. meetings, walks, social events and the like, but excluding sporting activities e.g. golf, bowls and snooker. Potten End Village Hall also has appropriate insurance provision as displayed at the entrance. The coach operator carries insurance to cover its legal liability arising out of its operations, evidence of which has been provided to the Club.

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