Our Recent Events as shown in pictures by our members

This page formerly used links to web albums in Google Picasaweb. Picasa is being discontinued during 2016 but the existing albums will be retained and the following links will still work. Since mid 2015 we have displayed pictures using Google Photos and this will be the preferred way in the future. It is more versatile than Picasa and is to be recommended.

Members are invited to submit their own photographs for display on this site.
If you would like your picture(s) to be included, please send as an email attachment to: 

Note: For those members who are unsure of how to send a picture as an email attachment, a tutorial may be found by clicking this link:
How to send your pictures as an e-mail attachment
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Pictures should be in jpg format. Please also supply a short description for each picture.

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Archived Albums can be seen here