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Members please note that

1.) Our meetings are now held at Potten End hall. If you need a lift there and back please contact John Gross.

2.) Use the link on this page to email the Secretary to apologise for your absence in advance for any meeting.

3.) See the attached map for additional parking at Potten End

4.) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening is available for over 65 year males by calling 01727 897719 and leaving your phone number for a call back. Scans take place in HH, are free and take only 10 minutes with an instant result. Please tell your friends. See

5. Hope for Children presentation from October 2017 may be found here

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Our Speakers

April 4th Life and Times of a Ship's Pilot Capt William Wells
May 2nd How and Why we Age Dr Tony Maisey
June 6th Castles in the Air ( The bizarre world of Victorian inventions) Nick Brazil
July 4th Bayonets, Bonnets and Massacres Paul Chamberlain
July 25th He set the desert on fire Peter Clayton
September 5th REMAP (charity talk) Di Stevens
October 3rd London to Brighton car run Jim Gregory
November 7th Wine and Cheese  
December 5th Don't forget the paperchains Tricia Thomson
January 2nd Moments, Memory and Magic Vic Botrill
February 6th Bagels and bacon Jeff Rozelar
March 6th Amy Wonderful Amy,"Queen of the air" Roy Smart
April 3rd Photographer of wildlife Tom Way
May 5th Men's Health Mr Roux



Minutes of the General Meeting held on 7th March 2018 at Potten End Village Hall

  1. The Chairman; Peter Wilkinson opened the meeting at 10:30 and welcomed all members as well as Tom Bloch, guest of Keith Montgomery, and Paul Benton, guest of Harry Bellak. Bob Jolly, a member since 2002, had died on 20th February; funeral to be held at West Herts Crematorium at 12:40 on 12th March followed by a Memorial Service at Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church at 13:45; members are welcome to attend either or both. Members stood in silent tribute. A badge was presented to new member Charles Hibberd.
  2. The Speaker; in Pete Randall’s absence Chris Gower introduced the speaker, David Skillen, to give a talk on the American Civil War. The conflict lasted from 1861 to 1865 and at the time was a war between two countries; the United States in the North and the Confederate States in the South. The Union wanted to ban slavery but the Southern states believed that would destroy their economy. When John Brown tried to incite a slave rebellion in the South he was hanged. On Abraham Lincoln’s election as President in 1861 the Confederates felt they had no option but to secede. The first shots were fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC. and the Confederate warship “Alabama” sank many Union merchant ships. Lincoln had to retaliate. The first major battle was at at Bull Run in July 1861. The Union army had numerous commanders but the Confederates had just one; Robert E Lee, whose military skill allowed the South to survive longer than it would have expected to. Not until 1864 when the Union army was commanded overall by Ulysses S. Grant and with Sherman in the west did they start to take control. After Sherman took Atlanta he marched through Georgia burning everything he could. Meanwhile Grant slowly overcame Lee who eventually surrendered. Lincoln wanted to employ a policy of reconciliation with the South but after his assassination hard line Unionists took control and imposed punishments on the South whose effects still resonate today. The war saw the first major battle between ironclad ships, the USS “Monitor” and the “CSS “Virginia”, previously the “Merrimac”, and saw the introduction of rifling in small arms and cannon. Following questions Chris Gower gave our thanks to the speaker.
  3. Care Secretary; Chris Gower reported on members who were unwell and encouraged members to let him know if they were unwell. He reminded members that their secrets are safe with him.
  4. The Chairman; Peter Wilkinson congratulated Peter and Rosina Hopes on their Diamond Wedding in February and Alan and Jean Hewison on their Diamond wedding a few days ago and read out notes from both thanking the Club for the flowers which had been sent.
  5. Attendance:  present 93, apologies 16.
  6. The Minutes of the meeting of 7th February 2018, which had been circulated by email and hard copies of which were available for those who wanted them, were approved. There were no matters arising not already covered by the agenda.
  7. Secretary; Mike Beavington advised that copies of the Spring 2018 Probus magazine were available and had been distributed prior to the meeting.
  8. Social Secretary; Tom Derbyshire had distributed a leaflet detailing forthcoming Club and Theatre Club events. There are places available for The People’s Post on 14th March. The trip to Windsor and the Savill Gardens on 25th April is full. Booking list for the Shepherd Neame Brewery opened today; members are reminded to wear appropriate footwear.
  9. Theatre Club; Dave Norris advised that “Son Of A Preacher Man” at Aylesbury is tomorrow. Due to a cancellation 2 places have become available for “Tosca” at Milton Keynes on 4th April. Dave is planning to arrange a trip to Chichester to see “Me And My Girl” which would include an overnight stay in Chichester and a visit to a local attraction on the way there.
  10. Treasurer; Geoff Kirk reported an opening balance for the month of £2,754.00 with no receipts and less payments of £151.00 leaving a balance of £2,603.00 which, after adding the balance of the Social Fund of £1,082.00 and £1,148.00 net receipts in respect of future trips and social events gives a total balance of £4,833.00.
  11. Speaker Secretary; In Pete Randall’s absence Mike Beavington reported that in April Captain William Wells will give a talk entitled “The Life And Times Of A Ship’s Pilot”.
Meeting closed at 11:52                 Next Meeting:  4th April 2018 at Po





Committee Members - 2017/2018

Peter Wilkinson

Mike Beavington

Geoff Kirk

Social Secretary
Tom Derbyshire

Vice Chairman
Tom Derbyshire

Care Secretary
Chris Gower

Speaker Secretary
Peter Randall

Asst. Social Secretary
Andy Cunningham

Past Chairman
Ian Burton

Member 2nd Year
Keith Hamshere

Member 1st Year
John Gross

Asst. Sec/Treasurer
David Norris

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