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Members please note that

1.) Our meetings are now held at Potten End hall. If you need a lift there andback please contact Graham Dorsett.

2.) Use the link on this page to email the Secretary to apologise for your absence in advance for any meeting.

3.) See the attached map for additional parking at Potten End

4.) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening is available for over 65 year males by calling 01727 897719 and leaving your phone number for a call back. Scans take place in HH, are free and take only 10 minutes with an instant result. Please tell your friends. See

5. Club activities may be added to your gmail or Outlook calendar by clicking to download the CALENDAR file below and then clicking the download to open it and add to your online calendar . This has been shown to work with PC, Mac, Android and iPhone


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COVID-19 Please Note

Under the Government's "Living with Covid"  plan, we are no longer subject to any legal constraints; nor are there any significant restrictions imposed on us by Potten  End Village Hall. Therefore, after careful consideration and discussion, your Committee has decided that, in the interests of getting back to something  like normality, we should dispense with most aspects the Protocol which means, amongst other things, that: 

  1.  we will no longer be operating a one-way system;
  2. entry and exit  to/from the Hall  will be via the side door;
  3. we will revert to use of the ante-room for the booking in desk and
  4. go back to using cups and saucers for the tea and coffee, which will now be served through the hatch, not in the corridor.
However, we must  recognise that  we remain a vulnerable age group and that , in addition, there are  some members who have medical conditions which place them  in a higher risk category . Because of this, we  still need to keep the following risk  control measures:
  1. A strong recommendation  that, where possible, those attending will have had a negative LFT result within 48 hours of the meeting. This will obviously depend on availability of  test kits, which, contrary to general expectations, may not be freely available to all over 75s,
  2. A recommendation that face coverings  continue to be worn when  moving about, or in congested  areas e.g. around  the booking desk. Because members remove  their masks  to drink their tea, and are often engaged in conversation with others while doing so, it seems pointless to  put them back on  again when returning to their seats. However, I would stress that the wearing of face coverings is a matter for individual judgement and some may prefer to keep their masks on throughout.
  3. You MUST NOT attend the meeting if you or anyone in your  household, or anyone with whom you have had contact, has had Covid-19 symptoms and/or has produced a positive LFT within the last 7 days. If you develop symptoms or test positive within 7 days of attending the meeting, then you MUST alert the Secretary and anyone with whom you have been  contact
It is recognised that  the increased transmissibility of   the Omicron BA..2 variant has resulted in high levels of infections nationally, although generally symptoms appear to be mild and outcomes good. There is also good news in that members are beginning to get their second booster jabs and by May the 90%  of our members who are over 75 should  have been offered jabs.

Dave Norris Secretary


Our Speakers for the next few months are: (subject to change)

May 1st Medical Detection Dogs - our annual charity speaker Ian Grant
June 5th Club AGM & Portraits by Celebrity Photographer, Gary Italiaander Gary Italiaander
July 3rd Smoke, Steam and Soot David Burnell
July 31st Operation Infatuate Dusty Miller
September 4th The Stoics Luke S Degan
October 2nd Further Adventures of an HR man Steve Bird
November 6th The History of Spoken English Charlie Haylock
December 4th All things banned and censored Peter & Christine Padwick
January 8th Working with the Royals and the out-takes Brian Greenan
February 5th Insights of a Provincial Auctioneer Steve Lester
March 5th Ian Rennie Hospice at Home -charity speaker Gemma Ralph
April 2nd TBA  
May 7th Sentinels of the Sea. The History of Lighthouses Mark Lewis
June 4th Riot and Insurrection in West Hertfordshire Mike Stanyon

Committee Members - 2023/2024

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Dave Norris


Tom Bloch


Ian Burton

Social Secretary

Andy Cunningham

Vice Chairman

John Gross

Care Secretary

Chris Gower

Speaker Secretary

Norman Dugard

Assistant Social Secretary


Past Chairman

Pete Randall

Member 2nd Year

Peter Nathan

Member 1st Year

Graham Dorsett

Asst Sec/Treasurer

Charles Hibberd