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1.) Our meetings are now held at Potten End hall. If you need a lift there and back please contact Norman Dugard.

2.) Use the link on this page to email the Secretary to apologise for your absence in advance for any meeting.

3.) See the attached map for additional parking at Potten End

4.) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening is available for over 65 year males by calling 01727 897719 and leaving your phone number for a call back. Scans take place in HH, are free and take only 10 minutes with an instant result. Please tell your friends. See

5. Hope for Children presentation from October 2017 may be found here

6.Club compliance with GDPR can be found here

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Our Speakers  
October 3rd London to Brighton car run Jim Gregory
November 7th Wine and Cheese Members' hobbies
December 5th Don't forget the paperchains Tricia Thomson
January 2nd Moments, Memory and Magic Vic Boterill
February 6th Bagels and Bacon Jeff Rozelar
March 6th Amy Wonderful Amy,"Queen of the air" Roy Smart
April 3rd Photographer of wildlife Tom Way
May 1st Thames Barge Trust David Gibson
June 5th Men's Health Mr Jacques Roux
July 3rd Roman Hemel Hempstead David Neal



Minutes of the General Meeting held on 5th September 2018 at Potten End Village Hall

    1. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire opened the meeting at 10:30 and welcomed all members and Tom Brady, a guest of Vic Johnson. Past member John Gapp died on 25th August, his funeral will be held at West Herts Crematorium, Garston at 11:00 on 27th September. Members stood in silent tribute.
    2. The Speaker; Pete Randall introduced the speaker, Di Stevens, to give a illustrated talk on Remap, a small charity that custom makes equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives. Remap was founded in 1964 by an engineer called Pat Johnson who worked for ICI. After designing and building equipment to help his sister, who had suffered from polio, he realised that there would be many others who could be similarly helped. With backing from ICI he got together a group of engineers who could come up with simple tools to make life easier for disabled people. Various examples of work done and solutions found were given with illustrations and samples were passed around the hall. The engineers, all of whom are volunteers, put an emphasis on safety whilst trying to keep their designs and tools as simple and as cheap as possible. Examples of items made by Remap that were shown included extension handles for windows, a modification to an exercise machine so it could be used by a small child, custom made ramps for small and awkward spaces, a machine based on a trebuchet to enable a disabled person to throw a ball for her assistance dog and two clothes pegs stuck together to help in putting small items on a clothes line. Some items were made using a 3D printer, these included handles for plugging in mobile phones, zip fastener extensions to make the zipper easier to hold and extensions for window locks, all of which are to help people who have difficulty gripping small objects. Equipment was made for a boy with dwarfism to help him climb steps and view the lunch counter in school which was so successful that it is used for all small children in the school. A remote control was made for a mobility scooter so the owner could put it back in her garage after she had got into her car. Volunteers come from all walks of life and perform various tasks. The engineers work from home. The items they design are not normally patented and are all provided free of charge. Following questions Pete gave our thanks to the speaker and a collection was made amongst members present, which raised £340.00.
    3. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire read out cards from Barbara Rogers, in appreciation of the Barbecue, and from Brian and Pauline Cockman, in thanks for flowers for their Golden Wedding.
    4. Attendance:  present 76, apologies 23.
    5. The Minutes of the meeting of 25th July 2018, which had been circulated by email and hard copies of which were available for those who wanted them, were approved. There were no matters arising not already covered by the agenda.
    6. Secretary; Mike Beavington said that copies of the latest Probus Magazine had been put on the chairs prior to the meeting.
    7. Care Secretary; Keith Hamshere reported on members who were or who had been ill and asked members to let know of anyone who was unwell.
    8. Social Secretary; Tom Derbyshire thanked all those who had helped make the barbecue such a success, especially Keith and Hilary. Andy Cunningham had distributed a leaflet detailing forthcoming events and congratulated Dave Norris on the successful overnight trip to Chichester. Due to high number of dropouts the Three Museums trip on 18th October may not go ahead. There are still places for the Rutter concert in December. Members were reminded to put their names down for the Christmas Lunch and the hobbies display at the Cheese and Wine in November.
    9. Theatre Club; Dave Norris advised that “The King and I” on 12th September is full.
    10. Treasurer; Geoff Kirk reported an opening balance for the month of £3,388.00 with receipts of £340.00 and less payments of £289.00 leaving a balance of £3,439.00 which, after adding the balance of the Social Fund of £927.00 and £543.00 net receipts in respect of future trips and social events gives a total balance of £4,908.00.
    11. Speaker Secretary; Pete Randall advised that on 3rd October Jim Gregory will give a talk on the London to Brighton Car Run.
    12. Member Tim Edwin was given the floor to draw members’ attention to the South West Herts Growth & Transport Plan Consultation that had been put out on behalf of Herts County Council. The plan includes numerous suggestions, one of which is to close the lower end of Fishery Road to traffic and turn it into a bus and cycle lane. Members are urged to complete the consultation, which can be found at [].
    13. Any Other Business; Peter Nathan drew attention to page 12 of the latest Probus Magazine which contained an article about Ferring Probus Club and a picture in which past member Bill Mountain appeared.
    14. Meeting closed at 12:04                            Next Meeting:    3rd October 2018                                                                                                                                       at Potten End Village Hall








    Committee Members - 2017/2018

    Tom Derbyshire

    Mike Beavington

    Geoff Kirk

    Social Secretary
    Andy Cunningham

    Vice Chairman
    Mike Beavington

    Care Secretary
    Keith Hamshere

    Speaker Secretary
    Peter Randall

    Asst. Social Secretary
    Steve Jacklin

    Past Chairman
    Peter Wilkinson

    Member 2nd Year
    John Gross

    Member 1st Year
    Norman Dugard

    Asst. Sec/Treasurer
    David Norris

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