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Members please note that

1.) Our meetings are now held at Potten End hall. If you need a lift there and back please contact Tom Bloch.

2.) Use the link on this page to email the Secretary to apologise for your absence in advance for any meeting.

3.) See the attached map for additional parking at Potten End

4.) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening is available for over 65 year males by calling 01727 897719 and leaving your phone number for a call back. Scans take place in HH, are free and take only 10 minutes with an instant result. Please tell your friends. See

5. Hope for Children presentation from October 2017 may be found here

6.Club compliance with GDPR can be found here

7 Club activities may be added to your gmail or Outlook calendar by clicking to download the CALENDAR file below and then clicking the download to open it and add to your online calendar . This has been shown to work with PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

8. Members with NHS supplied hearing aids may obtain batteries, retubing and other maintenance by attending the Methodist Church Hall in Northridge Way on the first Tuesday of the month between 10am and Noon. Free coffee, biscuits (courtesy of the Church) and free parking.


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Our Speakers  
July 3rd Roman Hemel Hempstead David Neal
July 31st History of the Tea Trade Dananjaye Silva
September 4th James Gilray Ian Keable
October 2nd NABB (Blood Bikes) John McCombe
November 6th Musical Mystery Tour Adrian Broadway
December 4th "He's behind you" Tricia Thompson



Minutes of the General Meeting held on 5th June 2019 at Potten End Village Hall

  1. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire opened the meeting at 10:30, pointed out the Fire Exits, and welcomed all members and guest Graham Dorsett.
  2. The Speaker; Tom Derbyshire introduced the speaker, Jacques Roux, a consultant urologist with Hertfordshire NHS Trust, to give an illustrated talk on men’s health covering topics which some find difficult to talk about. For most people their first point of contact is their GP who has a role in education and the management of health. Life expectancy is on the rise and more men are living into their 90s so there is a need to invest time and effort into the maintenance of our bodies. Much of the concern that older men have with their health concerns the prostate gland something that is more likely to give trouble the older we get. The speaker went through a list of the top ten killer diseases. At the top was heart disease, which has many causes and many symptoms. Second is cancer in its various forms, the most common of which in men is prostate cancer. Various types of treatment, dependent of the type and severity of the cancer were explained. There is no definitive answer to which type is best, each case must be considered on its merits, but 80% of incidents have a 10 year survival rate. There is a danger of over treatment and “watchful waiting” is the recommended first line of treatment. Other types of cancer most prevalent in men are kidney and bladder cancer. Following on in the list of serious risks to men’s health come, in order, physical injury, stroke, and a group of lung diseases which come under the general heading of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Next come diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, suicide, kidney disease and Alzheimer’s disease. In summary the best way to avoid serious illness is to look after yourself and lead a healthy life. Following questions Tom gave our thanks to the speaker.
  3. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire reopened the meeting after a short break.
  4. Attendance:  present 86, apologies 19.
  5. The Minutes of the meeting of 1st May 2019, which had been circulated by email and hard copies of which were available for those who wanted them, were approved. There were no matters arising not already covered by the agenda.
  6. Secretary; Mike Beavington advised that the latest Probus magazines had been distributed but further copies were available. St John’s Church, Boxmoor, has a Flower Festival from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June at which there is a display sponsored by Boxmoor Probus and which is number 37 in the programme. Members were encouraged to visit the festival to see the Club’s arrangement.
  7. Care Secretary; Keith Hamshere reported on members who were unwell.
  8. Social Secretary; the Chairman thanked Andy Cunningham and Steve Jacklin for an excellent Spring Break. Andy had distributed a leaflet detailing forthcoming events and advised that the pick-up point for the Midsomer Murders trip on 20th June will be at the old Park and Ride stop in Gadebridge Park due to problems with the gate at Camelot. Members are asked to sign up to help with various aspects of the Barbecue on the form in the foyer. Further details of events can be taken from the leaflet. Next year’s Spring Break will be to Torquay on 17th to 20th May. Bookings will open in July.
  9. Theatre Club; Dave Norris reported that everything is as per the Social Secretary’s leaflet. The balance for Chichester in August will be due shortly and the waiting list for “Tina” is growing.
  10. Treasurer; Geoff Kirk reported an opening balance for the month of £2,468.00 with no receipts, less payments of £178.00 leaving a balance of £2,290.00 which, after adding the balance of the Social Fund of £734.00 and £3,229.00 net receipts in respect of future trips and social events gives a total balance of £6,253.00.
  11. Speaker Secretary; Tom Derbyshire reported that on 3rd July David Neal will give a talk on Roman Hemel Hempstead.
  12. Any Other Business: none.
Meeting closed at 11:50                                             Next Meeting:  3rd July 2019,                                                                                                                        at Potten End Village Hall












Committee Members - 2019/2020

Mike Beavington

Dave Norris

Geoff Kirk

Social Secretary
Andy Cunningham

Vice Chairman
Andy Cunningham

Care Secretary
Keith Hamshere

Speaker Secretary
Pete Randall

Asst. Social Secretary
Steve Jacklin

Past Chairman
Tom Derbyshire

Member 2nd Year
Norman Dugard

Member 1st Year
Tom Bloch

Asst. Sec/Treasurer
Ian Burton

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