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Members please note that

1.) Our meetings are now held at Potten End hall. If you need a lift there and back please contact Norman Dugard.

2.) Use the link on this page to email the Secretary to apologise for your absence in advance for any meeting.

3.) See the attached map for additional parking at Potten End

4.) Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening is available for over 65 year males by calling 01727 897719 and leaving your phone number for a call back. Scans take place in HH, are free and take only 10 minutes with an instant result. Please tell your friends. See

5. Hope for Children presentation from October 2017 may be found here

6.Club compliance with GDPR can be found here

7 Club activities may be added to your gmail or Outlook calendar by clicking to download the CALENDAR file below and then clicking the download to open it and add to your online calendar . This has been shown to work with PC, Mac, Android and iPhone


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Our Speakers  
May 1st Thames Barge Trust David Gibson
June 5th Men's Health Mr Jacques Roux
July 3rd Roman Hemel Hempstead David Neal
July 31st History of the Tea Trade Dananjaye Silva
September 4th James Gilray Ian Keable
October 2nd NABB (Blood Bikes) John McCombe
November 6th Musical Mystery Tour Adrian Broadway
December 4th "He's behind you" Tricia Thompson



Minutes of the General Meeting held on 3rd April 2019 at Potten End Village Hall

    1. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire opened the meeting at 10:30, pointed out the Fire Exits, and welcomed all members and guest Graham Dorsett.
    2. The Speaker; Pete Randall introduced the speaker, award winning photographer Tom Way, to give a talk on Wildlife Photography illustrated with the speaker’s own work. Tom’s interest in wildlife photography was inspired by his travels following university. Although much of his work is done abroad he likes taking photographs in the UK due to the seasonal diversity and the differing light conditions. With pictures of buzzards as examples he explained the importance of planning and patience; observing the birds’ flight paths and then waiting a hide for long hours. Sometimes birds and mammals have to be tempted into the desired position with carefully placed food. From a commercial perspective birds are good subjects as they can display great variety of colour and interest although some birds are experts in camouflage. Owls and kingfishers are popular although photographing them requires a lot of patience and luck. It is also important for the subjects to appear attractive with appealing expressions. With mammals a favourite subject is the red fox although it is admitted that it is not the most popular of animals. Animal photography can be used to highlight the plight of endangered species such as water voles and hedgehogs. Further afield much of the speaker’s work is done in Africa where black and white photographs can be very effective at bringing out the character of the subject. A shallow depth of field is usually used to make the subject stand out against the background but having a small image of the animal in a broad background can help to illustrate the animal in the context of its environment. Following questions Pete gave our thanks to the speaker.
    3. The Chairman; Tom Derbyshire congratulated Mike Stanyon on his 80th birthday and Colin and Ann Dickman on their Diamond Wedding. A card from Colin and Ann thanking the Club for the flowers sent was read out. The Chairman reminded members that they should only park in designated parking spaces in the PEVH car park.
    4. Attendance:  present 87, apologies 17.
    5. The Minutes of the meeting of 6th March 2019, which had been circulated by email and hard copies of which were available for those who wanted them, were approved. There were no matters arising not already covered by the agenda.
    6. Secretary; Mike Beavington advised that further copies of the latest copy of the Probus magazine were available for those who had not picked one up at the last meeting; on page 16 there is an article by a past member, Bill Mountain. The AGM will be on 5th June 2019; members were reminded that proposals for changes to the Rules must be submitted no less than six weeks prior to the AGM and nominations for the Committee must be submitted no less that three weeks prior to the AGM.
    7. Care Secretary; Keith Hamshere reported on members who were unwell and asked members to keep him advised of those who were not well.
    8. Social Secretary; the Chairman thanked Steve Jacklin for the most enjoyable visit to Duxford. Andy Cunningham had distributed a leaflet detailing forthcoming events. Andy reminded members coming on the trip to Knole and Down Houses on 25th April to bring their National Trust Membership Cards. The price for “Midsomer Murders” has been reduced to £52.00. The booking list for Standen House and the Bluebell Railway opened today. Further details of events can be taken from the leaflet. Interest in a trip to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery was gauged by show of hands.
    9. Theatre Club; Dave Norris reported that tickets for the trip to Chichester to see “Oklahoma” have to be paid for so anyone thinking of coming should put their name down today. “Tina: The Musical” is on 14th January 2020 and is full.
    10. Treasurer; Geoff Kirk reported an opening balance for the month of £2,823.00 with receipts of £6.00 and £500 from the Contingency Fund, less payments of £323.00 leaving a balance of £3,006.00 which, after adding the balance of the Social Fund of £428.00 and £22,026.00 net receipts in respect of future trips and social events gives a total balance of £25,460.00.
    11. Speaker Secretary; Pete Randall reported that on 1st May, David Gibson will give a talk on The Thames Sailing Barge Trust.
    12. Any Other Business: Peter Wilkinson advised that he is again collecting old disused tools on behalf of his Rotary Club. Tools such as chisels, planes, saws and gardening equipment are refurbished and then given African communities to help them setting up small businesses.
    13. Meeting closed at 11:46                                        Next Meeting:  1st May 2019, at Potten End Village Hall











    Committee Members - 2017/2018

    Tom Derbyshire

    Mike Beavington

    Geoff Kirk

    Social Secretary
    Andy Cunningham

    Vice Chairman
    Mike Beavington

    Care Secretary
    Keith Hamshere

    Speaker Secretary
    Peter Randall

    Asst. Social Secretary
    Steve Jacklin

    Past Chairman
    Peter Wilkinson

    Member 2nd Year
    John Gross

    Member 1st Year
    Norman Dugard

    Asst. Sec/Treasurer
    David Norris

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